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Flags are signs that a particular country is known of. Each and every country of this planet are identified with flags. All of these flags hold different patterns, colors, symbols and of course, the narrative story to tell its newer generation.

In prior hundreds of years, certain gatherings of individuals had enriched lances and the enhanced staff which demonstrated their social images. Later individuals likewise utilized strips, cowhide or silk beautifications on the lances to recognize their gathering from another gathering.

The adoption of such symbols in the form of flags started rising when a group of people initialized new places to explore. Whenever they discover new land and decide to grow themselves, they needed strong evidence that they have already claimed that place. On the other side, flags identified people of a separate group. Thus, flags were a kind of revolutionary discovery indeed.

We are going to discuss such Puerto Rico’s flags with meaningful historical background.

puerto rico flag png

Puerto Rico Flag History

During late 1986, Puerto Rico was on the end of slavery from Spaniards who used to govern. “El grito de Lares” was historical movement that was going to make the beautiful continent Puerto Rico to set free. And, the inception of the flag of Puerto Rico occurred. Ramon Emeterio Betances who was the leader of independent movement designed the first flag of Puerto Rico.

The design was basically inspired from the Dominican’s Republic flag which was the identical motto of being free. Mariela Bracetti manufactured the flag on fabric and it is positioned the national flag of Puerto Rico by the independent continent’s president.

The Puerto Rican Parade is known as one of the biggest cultural pride representations in NY, US. The main attraction of this parade is thousands of people march holding Puerto Rico’s flag while singing in tune their cultural song.

Puerto Rico Flag Meaning

·         Red lines: Revolutionary Heroic fighter’s blood

·         White lines: Victory of independent movement and piece

·         Blue Tringle: Puerto Rico’s sky and sea

·         White Star: Beauty of Puerto Rico’s island